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China’s deal: What media didn’t say amid questions to Mattis on Iraq oil

enter After being asleep at the wheel for eight years, media are suddenly concerned about US interests in Iraq oil. CNN reported: “Before departing for his first trip to Baghdad as US Defense Secretary, James Mattis told reporters, “We’re not in … Continue reading

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Refugees stranded because of presidential decision, say no warning given

As groups organize to protest President Donald Trump’s executive order affecting migration from seven countries dealing with conflicts driven by Islamist goals for a caliphate, some refugees are still stranded because of a different presidential decision. Some of these refugees … Continue reading

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From FDR packing to 1960 resolution, SCOTUS justice controversies

buy cialis discount Upon hearing the news Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia had passed, many of us who hold in high regard the US Constitution and Bill of Rights were shocked. Scalia wasn’t just a justice; he was an institution. His views on … Continue reading

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Biden talks good game on ‘workers’, but not likely to overcome Hillary

Vice president Joe Biden may enter the presidential race, another sign Democrats are seriously fretting about their likely nominee Hillary Clinton. Biden is known for off the cuff gaffes like telling you to fire a shotgun in the air “if … Continue reading

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After crime hearing honoring victims, USCIS stats should be questioned

Families of victims slain by foreign nationals in the US illegally testified on Tuesday at a Senate hearing where testimony was also given by Citizenship and Immigration Services director Leon Rodriguez. Rodriguez cited some statistics that should be questioned. The … Continue reading

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President and politicos hide impact of crime by foreign nationals

Opinion by Kay B. Day There is a dangerous lack of transparency in the administration of President Barack Obama regarding foreign nationals who commit crimes against citizens and legal immigrants. The transparency has been so thoroughly trashed the government chose … Continue reading

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Finance blogger calls out Yellen, Schumer on leak to Democrats

The financial site Zero Hedge is frequented by people interested in the world of finance. Now a popular ZH blogger who uses the pen name Tyler Durden is calling out chair of the Federal Reserve Janet Yellen  and New York … Continue reading

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