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Left and Right call temporary truce, question foreign money for US think tanks

On rare occasions, the Left and Right in the US call a truce, and foreign money for think tanks appears to concern both sectors. None other than The New York Times broke the story, and the issue quickly replicated throughout … Continue reading

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8 things the White House did to spark controversy in the Bergdahl Affair

Once again the country is in a stew caused by actions taken by the White House. President Barack Obama and his staff are at the center of the controversy sparked by unanswered questions, questionable information, and even personal attacks on … Continue reading

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More global warming meltdown; electricity rates will likely rise as president promised

Another meltdown has occurred in the global warming coalition, and this controversy has to do with the customary lack of transparency in that sector. Regardless, if President Barack Obama has his way, electricty rates will continue to rise and so … Continue reading

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