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Ignore Democrats’ warming alarmism; pay the price for their power grab

President Barack Obama is back on the stump promoting global warming alarmism under the banner of climate change. Like religious fanatics waiting atop a mountain for the end of days, Obama and his fellows in the warmist-industrial complex aim to … Continue reading

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‘Global smarming’: Wikipedia uses extremist site as reference for ‘WattsUpWithThat?’

In an entry on the climate change and global warming site WattsUpWithThat?, Wikipedia (WP) editors let stand a top link to the extreme leftist site Media Matters. That link is the 3rd footnote in the references on WUWT. Title of … Continue reading

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Green quagmire: Congress must investigate foreign influence

An investigative article suggesting ties between dark Russian money and anti-carbon groups in the US indicates Congress should launch an investigation. In February, 2014 most media ignored juicy news from Europe about the green movement and organized crime. 

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A way out for America’s dependency on foreign oil

An interview with military and environmental expert Thomas S. Mullikin By Olen Davidson, guest contributor Having just returned from the Republic of Fiji (where he was and is leading an international group of 52 attorneys in a review of proposed … Continue reading

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Crist supporters bring anti-people campaign to Florida as Nan Rich ignored again

Leave it to progressives to wage an election war based on an anti-people campaign while ignoring a viable Democrat candidate who is a female. Nan Rich must be feeling lonely these days. Let me explain. 

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Transparency due on money trail in global warming movement

It’s time for transparency on the money trail funding the global warming political movement . A thorough examination can easily be justified.

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Attention GOP candidates: Don’t get hoodwinked by climate change label

I was watching a video of a candidate from Oregon running for the U.S. Senate. He was participating in a Q&A for a media publication I never heard of. The candidate was asked a bizarre question: “Do you believe in … Continue reading

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