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Media claim Comey ‘cleared’ Hillary Clinton; his words prove he didn’t

Nothing has been more outrageous in the 2016 election cycle than the distortion of truth by legacy TV and online networks and select newspapers. The latest claim Mrs. Clinton has been ‘cleared’ by the FBI is not true. 

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As Clinton reverts to name-calling, Facebook page reflects character of her supporters

Hillary Clinton has reverted to calling supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump names again. If Mrs. Clinton was a man, she’d have tanked her campaign just as Mitt Romney did when he spouted off his now-infamous “47 percent remarks” … Continue reading

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Hillary flails as Trump shines overdue light on her practices

Longtime Clinton observers know exactly where Hillary Clinton’s interests lie—in her deep pockets. Dating to the Clintons’ exit from the White House, including taking furniture and other objects they did not own, adults who lived through Mr. Clinton’s presidency would … Continue reading

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Lines written for Hillary centuries ago: ‘What need we fear who knows it…?’

Great writers often pen lines that centuries later,  can be applied to high profile individuals who wield great power over nations. On Monday evening, I referenced a Shakespearean tragedy that went right over the head of a fan of Hillary … Continue reading

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