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Spy novel potential: Deep State saga marked by former CIAers, missing data, and false accusations

As pundits earn their keep debating about President Donald Trump and ongoing ‘investigations,’ many have overlooked the progression in the Deep State saga. Former CIA spooks, a veritable mountain of missing data, and false allegations have all played a role … Continue reading

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Trump assessment of Comey as “nut job” actually kinder than the alternative

As President Donald Trump conducts a foreign policy tour, here at home media remain engulfed in various theories about Russia, the presidential election, and allegations about some people in Trump’s campaign circle. One of the latest meme baits emerged when … Continue reading

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Virginia senator shows McCabe’s wife’s claims about election at odds with facts

While Democrat and select Republican backlash to President Donald Trump’s November victory is not surprising, what is surprising is the man now at the center of control over what is loosely called ‘The Russia investigation.’ That investigation began in summer, … Continue reading

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Judicial Watch files show Clinton hacks occurred as WikiLeaks released info disclosing China hacking

Most media are jumping on a release Judicial Watch published today showing then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s email system hosted on private unsecured servers “was hacked 10 times in two days from November 27-29 [2010].” What media aren’t doing is … Continue reading

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Can you trust Mrs. Clinton to safeguard your personal information?

Regardless of the outcome of the latest FBI announcement about emails related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s servers and “multiple devices”, voters should ask themselves a very important question. What does Mrs. Clinton’s record say about safeguarding your personal … Continue reading

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FBI to investigate more Clinton-related emails; Mook allegedly deletes Tweets

As news broke today that the FBI is investigating more emails related to the original investigation of Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s emails, another allegation surfaced on Twitter. 

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Update on campaign despite no pressers amid trials of Mrs. Clinton

An update on the inaccessible Mrs. Clinton Media on right and left complain about the fact Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in a very long time. According to The Daily Caller and others, it’s been 260 days. Why … Continue reading

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