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Testimony by Thor Halvorssen before the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary is being ignored completely by most media on both right and left. Halvorssen heads up the Human Rights Foundation (NY). Halvorssen is most definitely not a rightwinger. Nor … buy modafinil online canada

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The story probably won’t lead the news cycle, but the recent conviction of Arnaldo Echevarria, 38, on federal charges raises questions about policies in place before the election of President Donald Trump. I expressed concerns about corruption in US Immigration … buy modafinil bali

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Donald Trump has indisputably put everything on the line to run for the presidency of the United States. He’s been vetted more thoroughly than any candidate I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. His greatest political sin, perhaps, is that he didn’t … buy modafinil france

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Have you watched the film Clinton Cash? I watched the film on the last night of the Democrats’ convention, and I had also read the book. The film illustrates how a model of setting policy based on personal economic return … buy modafinil in pakistan

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By the time FBI director James Comey announced a pass would be given to Hillary Clinton despite his admission she illicitly stored, wiped clean, and lost track of server data comprising official government emails, some classified at the highest levels, … buy modafinil nl

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What happens if you break a federal law, and sometimes even if you don’t break a federal law but authorities suspect you might? The power of the US government is so enormous, you stand to lose either way, even if … buy modafinil online pharmacy

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Longtime Clinton observers know exactly where Hillary Clinton’s interests lie—in her deep pockets. Dating to the Clintons’ exit from the White House, including taking furniture and other objects they did not own, adults who lived through Mr. Clinton’s presidency would … modafinil to buy

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