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Trump hits two home runs as Mrs. Clinton strikes out on Mexico

follow link Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump hit two home runs on Wednesday, meeting with Mexico’s president and then delivering a speech in Arizona that evening. In Mexico, Trump took questions from the press after a joint address with Enrique Peña Nieto. … Continue reading

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Amid anti-gun rhetoric, Mrs. Clinton silent on victims and misleading on lobbyists

At present, Hillary Clinton is gunning for guns in her performances at presidential campaign rallies. Among her favorite targets is an organization I belong to, the National Rifle Association. While Mrs. Clinton sometimes expresses sympathy for some murder victims, she … Continue reading

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Little discussed social security theft raises questions about vetting

benzaclin where to buy Stolen social security numbers are nothing new. After all, we know there are more than 10 million undocumented foreign nationals in the US, and many of them work. Most employers ask for identification, and a social security number is needed … Continue reading

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After crime hearing honoring victims, USCIS stats should be questioned

Families of victims slain by foreign nationals in the US illegally testified on Tuesday at a Senate hearing where testimony was also given by Citizenship and Immigration Services director Leon Rodriguez. Rodriguez cited some statistics that should be questioned. The … Continue reading

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