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Crime victims long ignored find validation in Trump’s address to Congress

follow link President Donald Trump’s address to Congress on Tuesday was, by most accounts, very effective. Trump stayed on topic, refraining from veering into campaign mode we have become accustomed to since former President Barack Obama took office. The most memorable moment … Continue reading

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Set to speak at Houston conference, Trump alone in honoring crime victims

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to speak at The Remembrance Project National Conference in Houston, Texas. Trump’s participation in this event sets him apart from every other candidate in the presidential primaries and general election. Until Trump raised … Continue reading

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Little discussed social security theft raises questions about vetting

buy brahmi rasayana Stolen social security numbers are nothing new. After all, we know there are more than 10 million undocumented foreign nationals in the US, and many of them work. Most employers ask for identification, and a social security number is needed … Continue reading

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After crime hearing honoring victims, USCIS stats should be questioned

Families of victims slain by foreign nationals in the US illegally testified on Tuesday at a Senate hearing where testimony was also given by Citizenship and Immigration Services director Leon Rodriguez. Rodriguez cited some statistics that should be questioned. The … Continue reading

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Los Angeles aligns with feds, exposes communities to criminals

The United States loves to import products and workers, but news is finally surfacing about something else we are importing—criminals. Worse, we’re freeing them in our communities. 

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Father of teen killed because he was black asks Congress to act on new law

Commentary by Kay B. Day Jamiel Shaw, Sr., wants Congress to act on a new law named for his son who was killed because he was black. 

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Five reasons Obama refuses to secure the border with Mexico

It is not likely President Barack Obama will use his authority to secure the U.S. border with Mexico. At present, what politicians call “immigration” has turned into a lawless, disorderly process largely because the president illicitly enacted a form of … Continue reading

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