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Why is House IT scandal seething with national security issues being buried?

buy propecia cheap uk Considering the wide scope the US government employs in surveilling all of us, it’s hard to understand why a scandal related to House intelligence and national security committees is being buried by media. There is a huge national security story … Continue reading

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Why is Congress ignoring House IT investigation with Capitol Police in lead?

The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hasn’t faced a barrage of questions about an investigation with national security implications. Media have largely ignored the investigation. Making things even more questionable is the fact the criminal probe is being conducted … Continue reading

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After Cantor loss, Republican leaders scramble to meet on leadership

An analysis of the results of the Virginia Primary for US House Dist. 7 won by politics newcomer Dave Brat. At present the national tier of the Republican party is on post-earthquake alert. After politics newcomer David Brat trounced House … Continue reading

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