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Most media ignore expanding House IT scandal despite ties to Intel Committee

You’d think media would jump all over a story that sounds like a spy novel. A family of workers is contracted by members of Congress to take care of IT needs. Said family receives millions of US tax dollars over … Continue reading

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Not Russia: Curious lack of media attention for House IT staffers and criminal investigation

A few days ago, news began to break about a criminal investigation into staffers who work for members of the US House.  Reports raise questions about the staffers The Daily Caller said managed IT services for “members of the House … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks freaks out leftist social media as users find ways to get around blocks

Once the latest WikiLeaks release hit media, outlets sympathetic to Republicans and libertarians had a field day. On Sunday, July 24, my Twitter timeline was filled with leaks about collusion at the Democrats’ National Committee on behalf of Hillary Clinton. … Continue reading

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With Obamacare Tax Bill confusion looming, beware of scams

By the time April, 2015 rolls around, Americans will have received a new dose of reality about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. It’s a tax bill, and your 2015 tax return will be a reminder … Continue reading

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