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Is Cory Booker concerned about the potential for more bone-digging over a scandal he dodged? Booker, Democrat senator from New Jersey, is set to make history. Booker will testify against Sen. Jeff Sessions, Republican from Alabama, who is nominated for … buy modafinil online canada

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President Barack Obama has long stumped for his political party from the presidential pulpit, and it stands to reason he will continue to do so until his last day in office. Obama’s latest insult to the GOP presidential nominee is … buy modafinil boots

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What happens if you break a federal law, and sometimes even if you don’t break a federal law but authorities suspect you might? The power of the US government is so enormous, you stand to lose either way, even if … buy modafinil fast shipping

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Presumed GOP nominee Donald Trump is already doing something failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney didn’t try to do in 2012. Trump has cast an eye to the embattled state of Pennsylvania shunned by GOP presidential candidates for decades. Yet the … buy modafinil in south africa

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California senator Leland Yee whose passion for gun control was legendary, has been sentenced to five years in federal prison for public corruption and a guns scandal that should leave Americans reeling. Making matters worse, Yee knew the guns he … buy modafinil norway

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Commentary by Kay B. Day Anyone who researches and tracks the issue politicians improperly call “immigration” comes to a conclusion quickly. The federal bureaucracy is mired in corruption, incompetence, and political cronyism. Most of the failure is top down. I … order modafinil paypal

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Congressional hopeful Carl DeMaio (R-Calif.) fired on his Democrat opponent, the incumbent Scott Peters, for supporting the Obama Administration’s cuts to Medicare that include a total of 14 percent in reductions by 2017. The cuts went into effect incrementally beginning … modafinil to buy

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