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Coup saga: Five curious moments, including Nigeria speaker at DNC convention

Who can keep up with the ongoing conspiracy theories involving Russia and the presidential election? The assortment of real news, fake news, and in-between news is enough to confuse anyone. I cherry-picked five moments in this coup saga that shed … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump prof spinning for Hillary and election overturn gets mic cut by Carlson

Anti-Trump professor Robert McElvaine got his mic cut on Tucker Carlson’s show on Tuesday, and as I watched, I had to admire Carlson’s patience. McElvaine refused to answer questions and continued to spout rhetoric, talking over the show host. McElvaine … Continue reading

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On Carrier deal, what just happened with media really is crazy

It’s no secret most US establishment media on right and left preferred another Clinton term to a President Donald Trump administration. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post—all of these media were hysterically critical about Trump … Continue reading

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As Stein-Clinton recount launched, Florida elector bombarded with hate mail

Longtime activist Jill Stein successfully raised millions of dollars for a recount of presidential votes in the state of Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton, who once railed about the necessity of accepting voters’ decisions, has jumped on Stein’s bandwagon. Stein didn’t win … Continue reading

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Discredited media and pollsters in shock after completely overlooking GOP women

After GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump won the 2016 election, discredited media and pollsters are in shock. I am glad the man I supported won the election, but I have tire tracks on my back from social media dustups. I’ve … Continue reading

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Election Today: Donald Trump and the US versus the Clinton World Order

As I try to post this column, my Internet connection continues to go in and out. I’ve become accustomed to it. Not only on my laptop, but on my cell phone. For instance, if I’m on Twitter and I click … Continue reading

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Media claim Comey ‘cleared’ Hillary Clinton; his words prove he didn’t

Nothing has been more outrageous in the 2016 election cycle than the distortion of truth by legacy TV and online networks and select newspapers. The latest claim Mrs. Clinton has been ‘cleared’ by the FBI is not true. 

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