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As should be expected, Tweets about the Republican convention in Cleveland (OH) ran the gamut after opening day. There was widespread praise for former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani’s speech. There were ‘Uncle Tom’ insults aimed at black Republicans. And Pat … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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  Most of us heard the terrible news coming from France late last night after a terrorist mowed down celebrants observing Bastille Day in Nice. Primary weapon of choice was a truck. As that news broke, a quieter story emerged … buy modafinil from mexico

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Warning: If sexual innuendo offends you, please don’t read this. The Smoking Gun has published a copy of a plan allegedly created by the Democrats’ national committee hoping to smear Republicans’ nominee at the party convention, presumably to assist Hillary … buy modafinil in mexico

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By the time FBI director James Comey announced a pass would be given to Hillary Clinton despite his admission she illicitly stored, wiped clean, and lost track of server data comprising official government emails, some classified at the highest levels, … order modafinil netherlands

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Amid new releases documenting failures of both President Barack Obama and his then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton on Benghazi (Libya), Americans are blind to the threat the 2012 attack poses to freedoms for every person in the USA. Media are … buy modafinil sun pharma

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Rocking the wealthiest corners of the world, Brexit will now be in the hands of those who transition the UK government to withdraw from the European Union. The historic vote by the British people will have an impact on the … buy modafinil uk cheap

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