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Judge Watson’s ruling on Trump temporary travel ban shows ‘illogic’: See Yemen

Federal Judge Derrick Watson (Hawaii) penned a 43-page shutdown of President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily freezing travel from six conflict-plagued countries. Watson, said The Guardian, wrote that the Trump administration’s “illogic…is palpable.” What is palpable is the absolute ignorance … Continue reading

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For judgment call similar to president’s, soldier got 20 years in prison

Pt. 12 in a series on the court martial of 1LT Clint Lorance Links to all previous articles in the series and to Lorance supporters’ websites as well as the petition are at the end of this article. A US … Continue reading

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Yemen: Drone strikes, State Dept. quirk, and magnet for jihadists

Media are reporting dozens killed in raids on Yemen, a country where some regions harbor al Qaeda affiliates and training camps for terrorists. Yemen’s defense minister said the raids carried out by “Yemen’s air force and American drones” targeted “alleged … Continue reading

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