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Trump reforms border screening of cargo trucks; cartels reportedly unhappy

President Donald Trump has reformed screening policies for cargo trucks entering the United States from Mexico. Prior to Trump, procedures were relaxed, just as they were relaxed when it came to permitting thousands of people to openly defy US law … Continue reading

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As DHS withholds border report, wonkish plan for SIAs presented in House hearing

The Dept. of Homeland Security is making news today because a key report on border security is being withheld from the public. The report is not classified. Meanwhile, in a US House hearing on homeland security, a Plan of Action … Continue reading

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Mexico judge blocks El Chapo extradition as cartel co-founder released early from US prison

The country of Mexico’s double standards often confuse Americans, and the latest news on some drug kingpins is no exception. After media blasted news of the recapture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, Sinaloa cartel boss who had “escaped” from a … Continue reading

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Actions by rioters in California fit federal definition of terrorism

Legacy national media have downplayed violence in places like Costa Mesa (Calif.) where rioters appear to have broken federal terrorism laws as they targeted presidential frontrunner Donald Trump and his supporters on Thursday. A video posted at InfoWars.com, a site … Continue reading

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Major bust nets heroin worth $50 million; JW points finger at El Paso connection

The US Drug Enforcement Administration seized 154 pounds of heroin worth approximately $50 million at an apartment and in a vehicle in a major bust in the Fieldston section of the Bronx (NY). DEA and a slew of other federal … Continue reading

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Gangs, human traffickers, drug cartels must be celebrating border breach

How many criminals are coming across the U.S. southern border at present? Not one person who claims to be a journalist is talking about it. What crimes will be committed by new recruits or expansions of gangs, human traffickers, and … Continue reading

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Is it time for a reset on foreign policy with Mexico?

When we talk about immigration in the U.S., we ignore a major factor. Our immigration quagmire is a result of our foreign policy failure. Mexico makes up one-third of the triumvirate of power here in North America, and the majority … Continue reading

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