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Did anti-Trump elector Suprun’s credentials just go up in smoke?

Anti-Trump elector Chris Suprun seems to be everywhere these days. He’s made appearances on talk TV and he even wrote an anti-Trump opinion piece for left of center The New York Times. Suprun has aggressively advocated to get fellow Republican … Continue reading

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Russia hack conspiracists team up with Hollywood to steal votes from 30 states

Theories about Russia hacking the 2016 election have deteriorated into a comedy of errors, rumors, and outright ‘fake news’. Now Hollywood types like Rob Reiner, who once played a character named Meathead, appear to believe President Elect Donald Trump colluded … Continue reading

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Media fail: Final look at spin on national popular vote total

If you have a Hillary Clinton supporter in your family—or multiples as I do—chances are you’ve heard some, not all of them, angrily dismiss President Elect Donald Trump’s win. The reasoning goes like this: “Hillary won the popular vote! She … Continue reading

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As Stein-Clinton recount launched, Florida elector bombarded with hate mail

Longtime activist Jill Stein successfully raised millions of dollars for a recount of presidential votes in the state of Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton, who once railed about the necessity of accepting voters’ decisions, has jumped on Stein’s bandwagon. Stein didn’t win … Continue reading

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Boxer’s Electoral College kill bill raises questions about Dems’ nomination scheme

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is still upset her party’s candidate Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. As of Nov. 16, President-Elect Donald Trump had received 290 electoral votes and Mrs. Clinton had received 232. Michigan hasn’t been added to … Continue reading

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Failed polls and pundits aside, who correctly predicted Trump would win?

Obviously, most polls failed to deliver a valid conclusion about the US electorate. Those failed polls aside, there were a few correct predictions on this election, and it’s a wonder media didn’t pay them much attention. Or is it?

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Do undocumented foreign nationals have an impact on US presidential elections?

When it comes to how the US elects a president, do undocumented foreign nationals (also commonly called illegal aliens) have an impact on the number of electoral votes a state has in presidential elections? Do you know how the process … Continue reading

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