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Leftists and conservatives ignore major risk to US as JW files lawsuit

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the way our gargantuan federal government is run. I think both the left and the conservatives, as well as all of us in between those two, often get frustrated over how … Continue reading

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Internet undertow sucks the curious into Cicada mystery

Relevant links are included at the end of this article. What curious mind doesn’t love a great mystery? The undertow on the Internet, much like powerful ocean currents, sucks the curious into many a mystery, but Cicada 3301 has to … Continue reading

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New Cicada 3301 mystery clues come out in 2014

Are you up for solving a really challenging mystery? Cicada 3301 will intrigue you. Follow clues based on ancient Welsh manuscripts, mathematical theory, and obscure poems and other such matters, and you may be selected as a chosen one. Only … Continue reading

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