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Leftists and conservatives ignore major risk to US as JW files lawsuit

canada Lamictal Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the way our gargantuan federal government is run. I think both the left and the conservatives, as well as all of us in between those two, often get frustrated over how … Continue reading

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Internet undertow sucks the curious into Cicada mystery

Relevant links are included at the end of this article. What curious mind doesn’t love a great mystery? The undertow on the Internet, much like powerful ocean currents, sucks the curious into many a mystery, but Cicada 3301 has to … Continue reading

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New Cicada 3301 mystery clues come out in 2014

Are you up for solving a really challenging mystery? Cicada 3301 will intrigue you. Follow clues based on ancient Welsh manuscripts, mathematical theory, and obscure poems and other such matters, and you may be selected as a chosen one. Only … Continue reading

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