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Leftists and conservatives ignore major risk to US as JW files lawsuit

Sometimes you just have to shake your head at the way our gargantuan federal government is run. I think both the left and the conservatives, as well as all of us in between those two, often get frustrated over how … Continue reading

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Media reportage dishonest about HONEST Act

Activists on the left, supported by their allies in media, the arts, and academics, are throwing a collective fit over the passage of the HONEST Act in the US House. Why the upset? It’s pure political whiplash in the ongoing … Continue reading

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Trump commits to law and order amid trickle down lawlessness from leaders

Special Feature at Day on the Day After a man armed with a gun carrying 23 rounds of ammunition was shot while fleeing police in Milwaukee, riots ensued. Racism was in full swing by people who participated. Businesses were damaged, … Continue reading

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Is there a candidate on either side who will reform our ‘Bloatacracy’?

Candidates on both sides of the aisle talk up China’s economy, “anchor babies,” ISIS, and what politicians mistakenly label “education.” Missing from the discussions is a critical issue. The federal bureaucracy is not only corrupt, bloated, and inefficient. Some agencies … Continue reading

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Ignore Democrats’ warming alarmism; pay the price for their power grab

President Barack Obama is back on the stump promoting global warming alarmism under the banner of climate change. Like religious fanatics waiting atop a mountain for the end of days, Obama and his fellows in the warmist-industrial complex aim to … Continue reading

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Before the War on Coal, Obama had love affair with coal

None less than a left-swinger magazine has finally admitted something many media know but few speak of. Before President Barack Obama saw the potential in new energy donations, the same president who has declared a de facto War on Coal … Continue reading

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Another lawsuit filed against ‘rogue’ agency EPA

Have you ever wondered why every document the EPA produces isn’t put online, available to all? Emails, interoffice memos, so-called scientific studies—they should all be public. Only employees’ personal information should be protected. A civic group is suing the EPA, … Continue reading

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