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Democrats struggle with Comey’s ‘honest loyalty’ in aftermath of obstruction

Democrats struggled with former FBI director James Comey’s statements about loyalty in the June 8 hearing conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. High profile Dems like junior senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) applied creativity to the way they framed … Continue reading

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Sessions as AG pick compared to Holder draws biased response from media

You’d expect Hillary Clinton’s supporters in national media to criticize cabinet picks by President Elect Donald Trump, but media have gone into overdrive over one appointment, and it’s puzzling, especially when you compare media messaging on President Barack Obama’s first … Continue reading

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No questions to Hillary Clinton about Mexico’s reaction to Fast and Furious?

A new report issued by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee should raise questions for Hillary Clinton regarding the federally sanctioned gun-walking program Fast and Furious.

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Backgrounds of anti-Trump players make for strange bedfellows assisting Clinton

As Donald Trump advances his quest for the GOP presidential nomination, it’s no secret a number of players are engaging in various efforts to stop him. Some Republicans are in effect joining forces with Democrats in this effort. One major … Continue reading

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Cruz puts Delery on hot seat over 2nd Amendment in confirmation hearings

A retread from the tenure of former Attorney General Eric Holder is up for associate attorney general. During confirmation hearings, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) put Stuart Delery where he deserved to be—on the hot seat. 

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President lives in big glass mansion losing more than 2,000 guns

You knew it would happen. As soon as news began to proliferate about the murders of innocents at a small college in Oregon, the White House began to promote a familiar narrative. Amid controversy over Russia’s ascendance in Mideast affairs, … Continue reading

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Lawsuit seeks records: Did Holder cover for federal cops who shot young mother?

Judicial Watch has filed a new lawsuit in an effort to obtain documents in the case of the shooting death of Miriam Carey at the hands of federal officers in October, 2013. 

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