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Status quo Dems: Open borders, appeasing tyrants dates to FDR

Franklin D. Roosevelt remains popular among academics who view him through a rosy lens. FDR is long dead, but his policies still guide Democrats in a perpetual status quo. For instance, the open geographic borders the US maintains today were … Continue reading

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Romney, Reagan and FDR ghosts loom as GOP and Dem bases rise up

It’s hard to trust The Washington Post when it comes to coverage of the GOP, so an article resurrecting the ghost of Mitt Romney should probably be taken with a grain of salt. The article titled “Time for GOP panic? … Continue reading

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History repeats: More than 200 state bills ready to rein in federal overreach

The Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) can legitimately lay claim to having an impact on the way Americans view the role of the federal government in their lives. The organization self-describes as a national think tank working “to preserve and protect … Continue reading

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FDR’s Arthurdale: Parable for Obamacare

President Barack Obama and other current Democrat leaders often bring another Dem president to mind: Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR was the consummate proposer of grand schemes, and most are familiar with his “New Deal.” One New Deal idea FDR came … Continue reading

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