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The Crazy Daysies, Americana-country band based in Jacksonville, have recorded a new song, “We Are America,” to commemorate the anniversary of September 11, 2001. The song is the first recording sisters Rebecca Day and Jennifer Day Thompson did not write. … buy modafinil online canada

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If there’s a guru in US politics, that would be Roger Stone. Few individuals have been part of as many historic campaigns or served as many presidents as he has. Stone has been friends with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump … buy modafinil belgium

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Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush has been sucked into Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. As news continues to break on former secretary of state Clinton using a private email server for her official correspondence, leftists are crying foul. Legacy newspaper The … buy modafinil from india

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Univision media presenter Jorge Ramos landed himself top of the fold after he attempted to debate presidential candidate Donald Trump at a press conference. Ramos was way out of line, acting more like a protester than a news gatherer. Participants … buy modafinil in south africa

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Republicans and Democrats are well aware of dustups between former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Donald Trump as well as the myriad mysteries behind Hillary Clinton’s email dodges. As rhetoric heats up on both sides of the aisle, one candidate … buy modafinil netherlands

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Carly Fiorina touched a national nerve with her performance in the second-tier GOP candidates’ debate in August, and afterwards, she rose in the polls. Despite that success, there’s flap over the next debate after flap about questions not related to … buy modafinil pakistan

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Jorge Ramos, like so many activists presenting as “journalists”, created a story about himself instead of the event he was supposed to cover. He did that in what amounted to a debate with Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump during a … buy modafinil sydney

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