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An analysis of where things stand in the presidential arena for 2016 Texas Gov. Rick Perry used the term ‘Trumpism’ to define the lack of conservative creds in his GOP  opponent Donald Trump. Media, meanwhile, are having an emotional orgy … buy modafinil online sun pharma

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Scams by foreign nationals have been prosecuted by the federal government only to surface again. I speak from personal experience. Sweepstakes and lottery scams remain active. The federal government successfully prosecuted a Jamaican citizen arrested in Orlando, Florida in 2013 … buy modafinil boots

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Amid the fanfare surrounding presidential contender Donald Trump, much news is overlooked, and the latest involves a dustup between Gov. Scott Walker (Wisc.) and former Florida governor Jeb Bush. The disagreement is about President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran … buy modafinil online europe

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Are the lunatics running the asylum? The US has managed to disarm most military personnel who serve domestically while enabling bureaucrats at civilian agencies to pack heat. Did I mention we are at war? 

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Police officers in a city as large as Jacksonville can count on daily challenges, but a couple incidents of late indicate a commendable level of restraint. Hat tips are due. The latest occurred as a brawl ensued at an apartment … buy modafinil online

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The latest shootings at military facilities, today in Chattanooga (TN), reveal a vulnerability in the US homeland that should be corrected. According to various media reports, four US Marines and the shooter are dead. Reportage at this point is coming … buy modafinil online uk reddit

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As Americans view media coverage of the US deal with Iran on nuclear weapons, a stew of issues simmers beneath the surface. President Barack Obama’s testy response to CBS newsman Major Garrett’s question about Iran holding American political prisoners quickly … buy real modafinil

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