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Candidates on both sides of aisle ignore hidden taxes; small businesses skeptical

I came across a video released about seven months ago. It didn’t go viral unfortunately. The video produced by Information Station, an outreach program of the Job Creators Network, should be viewed by every American, regardless of what’s in your … Continue reading

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One way to cut federal waste: Modify the Penny Plan and test it

Over the years, a simple way to cut federal spending has been proposed, discussed, and shelved. The Penny Plan would cut a penny from every dollar of existing spending by the federal government. Some conservative organizations say doing this could … Continue reading

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Ten important questions gossipmonger media refused to ask politicians

Analysis by Kay B. Day Gossip-monger media continue to focus on natter, launching ‘gotcha’ questions at potential presidential contenders:  Does Wisconsin governor Scott Walker think President Barack Obama is a Christian? As they say in the twit-sphere, you can’t make … Continue reading

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