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JFK executive order helped lead to weaponizing IRS, federal agencies

http://girlsintanktops.com/?p=37 How did the federal bureaucracy become so powerful an agency can penalize tax you if you choose not to buy or can’t afford to buy a health insurance policy? It started with JFK, but to be honest, presidents from both … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional feds finally act on latest employee scandal

What does a federal employee have to do to get fired? Something awesomely drastic, if the latest employee scandal is an example. The federal government finally fired a Dept. of Homeland Security employee who had a long public record of … Continue reading

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Federal conduct: Homophobic, Jew-hating racist still has job at DHS

Imagine this for a moment: A white supremacist works at the Dept. of Homeland Security. In his postings on a personal website, he calls for the murder of black people, pens diatribes against homosexuals (confusing that term with pedophiles), and … Continue reading

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