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JFK executive order helped lead to weaponizing IRS, federal agencies

How did the federal bureaucracy become so powerful an agency can penalize tax you if you choose not to buy or can’t afford to buy a health insurance policy? It started with JFK, but to be honest, presidents from both … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional feds finally act on latest employee scandal

What does a federal employee have to do to get fired? Something awesomely drastic, if the latest employee scandal is an example. The federal government finally fired a Dept. of Homeland Security employee who had a long public record of … Continue reading

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Federal conduct: Homophobic, Jew-hating racist still has job at DHS

Imagine this for a moment: A white supremacist works at the Dept. of Homeland Security. In his postings on a personal website, he calls for the murder of black people, pens diatribes against homosexuals (confusing that term with pedophiles), and … Continue reading

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