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National security bill killed by Dems who encourage breaking federal law

Democrats approved breaking federal law again by voting down a bill critical to national security,   S.2146 – The Stop Sanctuary Policies and Protect Americans Act. Media have largely acted as propaganda assistants, falsely telling Americans the bill is ‘anti-immigrant.’ This … Continue reading

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Left nurses wounds on SCOTUS and Citizens United, but corporations already “persons” in laws

The Left in general may never get over the Supreme Court’s decision in the 2010 Citizens United case. That case permitted corporations to spend money to advocate for or against a candidate and in general, to spend money on elections … Continue reading

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8 things the White House did to spark controversy in the Bergdahl Affair

Once again the country is in a stew caused by actions taken by the White House. President Barack Obama and his staff are at the center of the controversy sparked by unanswered questions, questionable information, and even personal attacks on … Continue reading

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