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Trump reforms border screening of cargo trucks; cartels reportedly unhappy

President Donald Trump has reformed screening policies for cargo trucks entering the United States from Mexico. Prior to Trump, procedures were relaxed, just as they were relaxed when it came to permitting thousands of people to openly defy US law … Continue reading

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Sessions as AG pick compared to Holder draws biased response from media

You’d expect Hillary Clinton’s supporters in national media to criticize cabinet picks by President Elect Donald Trump, but media have gone into overdrive over one appointment, and it’s puzzling, especially when you compare media messaging on President Barack Obama’s first … Continue reading

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Dems ignore insulation for terrorists, and highest toll from mass shootings

Obviously there are rules for you and me and rules for those who are connected to the political class. Insulated by status, members of this class do as they please. After all, a major federal agency trampled First Amendment rights … Continue reading

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In immigration speech, President omitted full scripture and UN policy

President Barack Obama’s rhetorical abilities are among his greatest assets as a politician. During his speech justifying his decision to selectively abandon enforcement of immigration law, the president relied on tried and true clichés—our “broken” system, people in the “shadows.” … Continue reading

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