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For years, I’ve been the butt of jokes because of my politics writings, along the lines of, “You gonna get droned one of these days.” Well, I finally got ‘droned’, but it wasn’t the federal government who did the deed. … buy modafinil online canada

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Members of both parties in Congress seem to have one agenda—continue to increase federal revenue otherwise known as taxes and/or fees while failing to account for trillions in spending. Nothing illustrates the failure of big government bureaucracy more than the … buy modafinil bali

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Noor Zahi Salman, widow of Orlando mass shooter Omar Mateen, has been arrested in San Francisco after she was indicted on January 12. Salman, who was arrested on Jan. 16, faces charges of “aiding and abetting the attempted provision and … buy modafinil fast shipping

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Less than a week has passed since the suspect named Esteban Santiago allegedly shot five people in cold blood at the Ft. Lauderdale (FL) airport. Eight others  were wounded. Considering this shooting was the second in Florida to take multiple … buy modafinil in malaysia

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In any profession, there’s always at least one jerk. Most of us in Northeast Florida have kept our TVs on as Hurricane Matthew approaches. Officials at the local level, including our mayor Lenny Curry and our sheriff Mike Williams, have … buy modafinil next day delivery

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As Hurricane Matthew heads towards the US, it’s likely most Floridians have turned attention away from the 2016 presidential election. Matthew has done what ad buys, debates, and scandals can’t do—the storm has interrupted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and … buy modafinil pakistan

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Gradually, with little attention from the public, the alt-left championed by Hillary Clinton and Democrats has once again trampled free speech. The latest shredding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution happened in South Carolina.

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