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Trump trumped CNN’s Dana Bash on federal waste, fraud, and abuse

An exchange in the March 10 CNN debate between news presenter Dana Bash and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump deserves a hard look. Trump brought up “waste, fraud, and abuse” in the federal government. Bash cited a figure from one think … Continue reading

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After anti-Trump, anti-GOP editorial, should we question NYT objectivity?

The New York Times published an editorial titled “G.O.P. Candidates Follow Trump to the Bottom on Immigration.” The headline alone implies an anti-GOP and anti-Trump bias. 

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No Wizard: Former ‘Simpsons’ producer sentenced for defrauding investors

By Kay B. Day In a bizarre turn, a high profile player in pop culture entertainment has been sentenced to five years in a federal prison. The FBI said David Pritchard, 67, and his business partner, Christopher Blauvelt, 59, were … Continue reading

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President and Congress break oath and law, hand money to foreign nationals

President Barack Obama’s ‘shamnesty’—an allegedly temporary program to not deport and to grant certain benefits to foreign nationals in the US illegally—effectively overturned numerous provisions in previous immigration law. No one, not even the federal judge who stayed Obama’s initiative, … Continue reading

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Media fail: Ahead of 2012 election, Gruber penned PPACA ‘confessional’

Major media chose not to act as watchdog when it came to PPACA/Obamacare ahead of the 2012 presidential election. That decision gave a decisive advantage to Democrats. One of the worst messaging failures relates to content in a paper written … Continue reading

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Is Land of the Freebie a magnet for foreign fraud?

Has the Land of the Free become the Land of the Freebie and consequently a magnet for foreign fraud? Various reports suggest the U.S. taxpayer is being fleeced as a result of foreign nationals capitalizing on freebies. How such fraud … Continue reading

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President may want to rethink name of ‘My Brother’s Keeper’

President Barack Obama recently announced his latest community initiative, “My Brother’s Keeper.” Ironically, the name obviously taken from a Biblical passage is similar to the name of a group caught up in a fraud scheme.

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