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Katy Perry lights up social media with ‘no borders’ remark after Manchester bomb

buy estrace online The majority of pop culture entertainers are Democrats who lean far left—that’s no surprise. Katy Perry fits the stereotype, and backlash to her remarks after the bombing in Manchester at a concert heavily attended by young people probably didn’t surprise … Continue reading

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Milo drives attention for Maher as journo who sparked nun cancellation withdraws

If ever a human being was the poster child for provocateur, that would be Milo Yiannopoulos. Known simply as Milo to both his supporters and detractors, he is the sort of person who, when given a stage, is impossible to … Continue reading

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Amid threats and ‘Berzerkeley’ riots, Clinton labor man Reich touts conspiracy theory

ditropan buy uk number Americans are keenly aware the left side of the aisle currently, in part because of fake news, finds something to go berserk about. Literally berserk, as the riots at Berkeley (called ‘Berzerkeley’ in my youth) indicated. Talking to CNN, a … Continue reading

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Gab momentum grows from backlash against claims of Twitter censorship

When I applied to social media Gab last week, there were more than 140,000 people ahead of me in the queue. So I figured it’d take some time for me to get an account. I was pleasantly surprised by what … Continue reading

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New social media site Gab offers non-censored option

Many options in social media distinctly favor left of center users, and now the market has produced a new option. Social media site Gab, still in test mode, offers a venue to those who strongly favor free expression. 

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Global wire service assists Obama in case for shredding 1st Amendment

President Barack Obama made a speech on Thursday that is one of the most alarming yet to come out of his mouth. Americans aren’t aware that even in our country, we have descended to a level where you can be … Continue reading

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Alt-left tramples free speech again; US flag ban in South Carolina

Gradually, with little attention from the public, the alt-left championed by Hillary Clinton and Democrats has once again trampled free speech. The latest shredding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution happened in South Carolina.

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