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Is the Obama administration playing Russian roulette with Internet handover?

Is the current US president playing Russian roulette with the Internet? It appears he is. Despite the fact most Americans can’t imagine a world without the Internet, few have paid attention to a handover scheduled to occur on October 1. … Continue reading

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Soros’ millions indicate Mrs. Clinton doesn’t want big money out of politics

Democrats may claim they want big money out of politics, but that simply isn’t true. Once again, Dems’ big money man George Soros is raining millions into efforts to try to elect the Democrat Hillary Clinton as US president. 

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WikiLeaks: Billionaire Soros, Clinton donor, influenced her foreign policy

It’s no secret world meddler and billionaire George Soros favors globalist politicos. So it comes as no surprise Hillary Clinton, Democrats’ nominee for president, has raked in more than $7 million dollars via Soros Fund Management for her latest campaign … Continue reading

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Money matters: Who fills the Trump and Clinton war chests?

National political media have set up Donald Trump as a target and Hillary Clinton as someone whose “experience” is trustworthy. Never mind how Mrs. Clinton’s “experience” unglued the Mideast and North Africa. Forget how her malfeasance with a personal email … Continue reading

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Backgrounds of anti-Trump players make for strange bedfellows assisting Clinton

As Donald Trump advances his quest for the GOP presidential nomination, it’s no secret a number of players are engaging in various efforts to stop him. Some Republicans are in effect joining forces with Democrats in this effort. One major … Continue reading

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CNN assesses NC Senate race, includes Dem meme on Koch

CNN, one of the networks jabbed by President Barack Obama at the lame White House Correspondents Dinner Saturday, assessed the NC Senate race in an analysis by their national political reporter. CNN included a meme Dems are desperately promoting over … Continue reading

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FSU students enlist in attacks on Koch

Some students at Florida State University have enlisted in the war on freedom of speech against the Koch brothers. The brothers are donors to Republican and libertarian groups. The issue for the students involves money the brothers donated for a … Continue reading

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