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Germany, like countless other countries, pays lip service to the ideal of free expression while applying laws to achieve the opposite of that ideal. Now Facebook is being targeted by activists in Germany who are against free speech as Americans … buy modafinil ireland

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Politics never will make common sense, and an interview CBS’ Scott Pelley conducted with Democrats’ hopeful presidential contender Bernie Sanders is a perfect example of my maxim. If you measure the interview on Sept. 27 [Face the Nation] and interviews … buy modafinil boots

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Although the National Socialist German Workers Party suffered an overwhelming loss in World War II, the political movement has sympathizers today. In modern times, there is perhaps no other regime that so successfully rendered the individual to the level of … order modafinil eu

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by Kay B. Day President Barack Obama and a number of leading Democrats are critical of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to speak to the US Congress when he visits our country on March 3.  An Internet tabloid tweeted … how buy modafinil

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WIESBADEN, Germany — As announced by the German Federal Ministry of Defence, U.S. Army Europe’s next chief of staff will be a general officer from the Bundeswehr, Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal. In this capacity, Laubenthal will synchronize the activities of … buy modafinil online

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