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Romney, Reagan and FDR ghosts loom as GOP and Dem bases rise up

It’s hard to trust The Washington Post when it comes to coverage of the GOP, so an article resurrecting the ghost of Mitt Romney should probably be taken with a grain of salt. The article titled “Time for GOP panic? … Continue reading

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Lost in Benghazi: Media ignore critical issue

So much was lost in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 when the temporary US Special Mission Compound was attacked by terrorists. While Republicans and Democrats battle over then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s actions, both sides of the aisle are overlooking … Continue reading

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GOP’s presidential dilemma isn’t Trump

Republican strategists and some news presenters on popular networks are pushing a meme about Donald Trump. Basically Trump could spoil the field for other Republican contenders and he donated to Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Despite all the handwringing and even … Continue reading

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Reporter who grilled Romney proves GOP candidates should control narrative

Commentary by Kay B. Day The interesting case of a former reporter who has worked for very influential media illustrates why GOP candidates should control their own narrative.  

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President’s UI rhetoric upends campaign promises

President Barack Obama returned from Hawaii to renew his class warfare campaign under the label of “income inequality.” Using an extension of unemployment insurance benefits to make his case, Obama made a “moral case” for the extension, but what’s interesting … Continue reading

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