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Special Feature at Day on the Day After a man armed with a gun carrying 23 rounds of ammunition was shot while fleeing police in Milwaukee, riots ensued. Racism was in full swing by people who participated. Businesses were damaged, … buy modafinil ireland

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The Telegraph, a United Kingdom paper considered conservative by many in the US, did something few media have done. The paper pointed out negative consequences of the so-called ‘Arab Spring.’ However, the newspaper erred when it claimed “the rest of … buy modafinil in bangalore

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Over the years, a simple way to cut federal spending has been proposed, discussed, and shelved. The Penny Plan would cut a penny from every dollar of existing spending by the federal government. Some conservative organizations say doing this could … buy modafinil from canada

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The Dept. of Homeland Security continues to be muddled in controversy, with the latest incident linked to an alleged ‘Hands-Off’ list for individuals suspected of terrorist ties. Judicial Watch is suing the DHS Office of Inspector General in an effort … buy modafinil in singapore

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As the latest scandal for Democrats plays out in the VA hospital system, media have missed the broader story about the “progressive” party. For years, at every turn, scandals and corruption have surfaced within both state and federal government bureaucracies … buy modafinil next day delivery

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