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Leftist dustup: Romney supporter Murphy, a Dem, targets Senate seat for Florida

With Democrats in turmoil over a contender for the seat vacated by Sen. Marco Rubio, one leftist newspaper falsely claimed no Republican has “managed to distinguish himself.” Why would a newspaper insult Rep. Ron DeSantis, considering his exemplary record? Patrick … Continue reading

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Leader’s deception in Senate awakens a sleeping Cruz

Deception in the US Senate has awakened what might be termed a ‘sleeping Cruz’ if you gauge a candidate in terms of media coverage and polls. Observers of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) have at times been flummoxed of late about … Continue reading

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SocialBytes for Tuesday, May 12

Trending at various social media and on blogs around the Web Via Drudge Strange ‘fed-fellows’ GOP attempts to aid President Barack Obama as progs mutiny on trade bill Twitter via Washington Free Beacon Americans don’t agree with Reid; conservatives think … Continue reading

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Senate dithering leads to cuts for troops and families

Sen. leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) chose not to pass a defense budget, and with the end of the year approaching, a bill had to be done quickly. The result is a bill that cuts benefits to troops and their families. … Continue reading

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GOP passes common sense border bill; elitist media ignore details

Stories by a number of elitist media ignore details in legislation passed by the U.S. House of Representatives to address the lapse in national security and the recent increase in breaches at the southern border. The House passed a common sense border bill that … Continue reading

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Harry Reid’s mixed positions one reason Americans distrust feds on immigration

Sen. Harry Reid, easily the Democrats’ most eccentric actor in Congress, often takes to Twitter to bash Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner. Reid recently used the social media outlet to blast the GOP for not enacting the Senate’s … Continue reading

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8 things the White House did to spark controversy in the Bergdahl Affair

Once again the country is in a stew caused by actions taken by the White House. President Barack Obama and his staff are at the center of the controversy sparked by unanswered questions, questionable information, and even personal attacks on … Continue reading

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