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Topic of cybersecurity hearing skewed as McCain preens for cameras

Today’s Senate Armed Services Committee hearing was billed as a hearing on cybersecurity, but after listening to parts of it, I concluded it’s just another chapter in the ‘Russia did it’ narrative. 

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FBI to investigate more Clinton-related emails; Mook allegedly deletes Tweets

As news broke today that the FBI is investigating more emails related to the original investigation of Democrat presidential contender Hillary Clinton’s emails, another allegation surfaced on Twitter. 

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WikiLeaks: Billionaire Soros, Clinton donor, influenced her foreign policy

It’s no secret world meddler and billionaire George Soros favors globalist politicos. So it comes as no surprise Hillary Clinton, Democrats’ nominee for president, has raked in more than $7 million dollars via Soros Fund Management for her latest campaign … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton’s ‘no’ and politicization of Benghazi

A pivotal moment in Democrats’ first debate occurred when Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) growled, “The American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails.” Sanders depicted Hillary Clinton’s emails and the Benghazi investigation as a politically driven … Continue reading

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Jeb Bush sucked into Hillary Clinton email fiasco

Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush has been sucked into Hillary Clinton’s email fiasco. As news continues to break on former secretary of state Clinton using a private email server for her official correspondence, leftists are crying foul. Legacy newspaper The … Continue reading

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Lines written for Hillary centuries ago: ‘What need we fear who knows it…?’

Great writers often pen lines that centuries later,  can be applied to high profile individuals who wield great power over nations. On Monday evening, I referenced a Shakespearean tragedy that went right over the head of a fan of Hillary … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton gets benign treatment while members of military are railroaded

Some media have contrasted the plight of Marine Reserves Major Jason Brezler to the situation likely Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton faces. The treatment of Brezler, however, by the country he placed his life on the line for, has deeper … Continue reading

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