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Who really inherited a mess? Dr. Ben Carson at HUD

When Dr. Ben Carson was appointed Secretary of US Housing and Urban Development, criticism erupted from the Left. Fact is HUD has been a very troubled agency as long as it’s been in existence. Now we’re seeing exactly how big … Continue reading

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Healthcare fugitives: Amid wrangling over federal budget, fraud still costs taxpayers billions

Members of both parties in Congress seem to have one agenda—continue to increase federal revenue otherwise known as taxes and/or fees while failing to account for trillions in spending. Nothing illustrates the failure of big government bureaucracy more than the … Continue reading

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Having tanked the housing market, Democrats go at it again with new HUD rules

Democrats escaped the righteous wrath they deserved for the party’s role in tanking the U.S. housing market. If you want to know the depth of their involvement, read the book that made the left squirm: Reckless Endangerment by New York … Continue reading

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