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Why should the US protect her sovereignty?

These days it seems world powers are bent on eradicating the sovereignty of nations. The European Union is a perfect example of what can go astray when original intentions sought to strengthen nations ends up weakening them. The United States … Continue reading

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Who is paying speech cops to stifle dissent in Portland, elsewhere?

Peaceful protest is the right of all to express opinions publicly, but the people stalking events for various presidential candidates are not peaceful protesters. Most presidential candidates, even Democrats, have been confronted by individuals seeking to stifle voices, not to … Continue reading

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Iran leader goes Sharpton; Possible terrorist gains from deal ignored

Iran’s top leader has gone Sharpton even as the Obama administration aggressively pursues a deal with the country whose potential terrorist gains from the deal and a pipeline are downplayed by the United States government and media. Sound convoluted? Welcome … Continue reading

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Will commander in chief leave US Marine, others behind in Iran deal?

Commentary by Kay B. Day The country of Iran has taken center of the world stage lately as the administration of President Barack Obama discusses a nuclear deal with the Islamic republic. Media reports suggest Iran will be the greatest … Continue reading

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President misses boat in Malaysia; oppression is official policy

President Barack Obama spoke very conservatively about human rights during his visit to Malaysia.  Unfortunately, he missed the boat by comparing the U.S. to a country where human rights legally remain in the Dark Ages.

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