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Authors of much-praised ‘Shattered’ omit key Trump quote, misleading readers

Authors of the book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign have been courted by a number of media on both right and left. Some conservative show hosts touted the book, apparently believing it places blame for the loss on the … Continue reading

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US News & World Report best states: Curiosities and sidenotes

US News & World Report rated states to see which ones performed best for the people who live there. If you look at facts about the states, it’s interesting when you look at the top five and compare populations to … Continue reading

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Scam Alert: Caller attempts to dupe me with IRS tax fraud accusation

Sooner or later, it happens to many of us. The phone rings and at the other end is a scammer who wants to remove hard-earned money from your bank account to his own. Today I listened as a caller claimed … Continue reading

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Did libertarian think tank analyst misspeak on welfare for immigrants?

An update on welfare for foreign nationals as well as immigrants in the US legally drew criticism from an analyst at Cato. You’d expect a libertarian think tank to be on the open borders side of the aisle, but you … Continue reading

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Prof calls out Biden for not telling truth about ancestors

Democrats seem to repeatedly confuse their ancestry. First there was Sen. Elizabeth Warren who made claimed on official academic records she was an American Indian, a move that gave her minority status. In the latest Democrat genealogy episode, Vice President … Continue reading

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