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California opens season on drivers’ licenses, but Mexico holds firm

California’s open season on drivers’ licenses has begun, but in the country with the most impact on US immigration, it’s not so easy to get a license. Mexico is a major actor in undermining US sovereignty, but our southern neighbor … Continue reading

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Crist would give drivers’ licenses to all foreign nationals

Gov. Rick Scott (R) and Charlie Crist (D) delivered verbal punches during a gubernatorial debate hosted by CNN in Jacksonville on Monday. Scott touted his success in recruiting employers to Florida, resulting in large increases in jobs. Crist projected himself … Continue reading

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Mikulski pulls a ‘Harry Reid’ with bill rolling immigration, Iron Dome, wildfires into one

Barbara Mikulski (Md.), chair of the powerful Senate appropriations committee, pulled a ‘Harry Reid’ by introducing an emergency spending bill she had to know would draw controversy. If she didn’t know, write her off as clueless in general. Whatever the … Continue reading

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UN’s aggressive policy on state sovereignty helped cause U.S. border crisis

President Barack Obama has looked to the United Nations for leadership more than his predecessors in the Oval Office, starting with a decision to seek membership on the organization’s Human Rights Council (formerly the Human Rights Commission). The HRC’s agenda … Continue reading

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Gangs, human traffickers, drug cartels must be celebrating border breach

How many criminals are coming across the U.S. southern border at present? Not one person who claims to be a journalist is talking about it. What crimes will be committed by new recruits or expansions of gangs, human traffickers, and … Continue reading

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Why don’t politicos and media confront countries of origin on “immigration”?

The issue labeled “immigration” has become a bouncing ball, rebounding off heads of Republicans, Democrats, and select media. At present, Mediate fawns over a Univision/Fusion anchor who is “one of the most confrontational newsmen.” The anchor even called out Speaker … Continue reading

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Dallas fraud ring highlights missing topic in immigration debate

The immigration debate has moved to a back burner again temporarily, but when it reignites, identity theft and fraud should be front and center in the discussion. Although most media focus on people often described as illegal aliens, criminals who … Continue reading

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