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It didn’t surprise me to see the Florida newspaper Sun-Sentinel attempt to defend former DNC chair and current congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Shultz. Nothing surprises me when it come to politics. Readers, however, deserve a complete account of Schultz’s decision to continue … buy modafinil ireland

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You’d think media would jump all over a story that sounds like a spy novel. A family of workers is contracted by members of Congress to take care of IT needs. Said family receives millions of US tax dollars over … buy modafinil online amazon

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The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hasn’t faced a barrage of questions about an investigation with national security implications. Media have largely ignored the investigation. Making things even more questionable is the fact the criminal probe is being conducted … buy modafinil denmark

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Legacy media appear to be ignoring a House of Representatives IT scandal. Details emerging sound like they’re ripped from the pages of a spy thriller. Despite intrigue, most of the coverage is coming from conservative websites. Politico has done at … buy generic modafinil online uk

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