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Democrats’ Iran chaos: Billions paid out secretly, but exactly how much?

The US is engaged in a foreign policy catastrophe involving Iran, but it’s getting scant attention amid the saga of Hillary Clinton’s practices as secretary of state. Ironically, Dr. Walid Phares, foreign policy adviser to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, … Continue reading

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Obama administration scrubbed Rosen video; Iran timeline longer than we knew

When journalist James Rosen noticed parts of a video were missing from a presser where he’d asked questions about secret negotiations on the Iran deal, he asked the State Department about it. The segment was restored. President Barack Obama’s State … Continue reading

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Could Sen. Cotton be on Trump’s VP list?

Some on social media are discussing the potential for Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) to be in the running for vice president on the Republican presidential ticket. Cotton, whose conservative and practical creds are indisputable, did an interview with US News … Continue reading

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