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Benefits to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards and a pipeline if Obama nuclear deal holds

If President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran holds, big benefits will be realized by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Guards were formed as a parallel to the military after the country’s transition to an authoritarian regime partly empowered because of … Continue reading

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Iran celebrates pipelines and weapons as leader calls for fight against US arrogance

As US officials and the president tout a deal with Iran based on verifying without “trust,” Europe may be one of the beneficiaries economically. For the European Union, energy security is a challenge because the EU relies on Russia gas … Continue reading

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Iran leader goes Sharpton; Possible terrorist gains from deal ignored

Iran’s top leader has gone Sharpton even as the Obama administration aggressively pursues a deal with the country whose potential terrorist gains from the deal and a pipeline are downplayed by the United States government and media. Sound convoluted? Welcome … Continue reading

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