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Tinfoil times: Sessions, Clinton, Obama and Russia and Iran

At present various leftist groups and operatives, some including former members of the US intelligence community, are targeting the administration of President Donald Trump in various smear initiatives. The latest target is Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The backstory to the … Continue reading

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Among reactions to Flynn resignation: Col. Peters wants Graham for replacement

Bizarre pronouncements and apparent amnesia related to President Barack Obama’s activities are emerging with the resignation of a top Trump appointee. President Donald Trump has accepted the resignation of Michael Flynn who had served as lieutenant general in the US … Continue reading

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Trump’s temporary ban, the UN mystery, and the deal he ‘inherited’

Media and politicos are ranting about a temporary ban on a small number of Muslim-majority countries’ travel. What is forgotten is how we got to this point and President Barack Obama’s policies on certain international actors before Trump took office. … Continue reading

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WHD asks ‘all global citizens’ to ‘observe Hijab’ on Feb. 1

Hijab and/or other mandated clothing for women is required in many countries where the Koran serves as the basis for law. Wearing the distinctive garb is defended by many women in those countries as well as in Western countries like … Continue reading

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Obama tries to divert attention from failures in attack on Trump

President Barack Obama’s greatest asset is his ability to wrap ideas in rhetoric and sell them to the American people. Accuracy in his statements does not matter to media. Success of his policies does not matter either. The president’s charisma … Continue reading

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Female US sailor forced by Iran to wear Islamic garb

Silence from the so-called feminists in the US is deafening. Photos released by Iran show the sole female sailor in the group of 10 detained by the Islamic regime was forced to wear Muslim garb while in detention. Not one … Continue reading

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Iran celebrates pipelines and weapons as leader calls for fight against US arrogance

As US officials and the president tout a deal with Iran based on verifying without “trust,” Europe may be one of the beneficiaries economically. For the European Union, energy security is a challenge because the EU relies on Russia gas … Continue reading

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