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IRS’ Lerner can’t handle her own party’s tactics

Remember when labor union activists descended on a bank executive’s home in 2010 and terrified his kid? You probably don’t—the “activists” were Democrats. A reporter recently subjected a scandalized former bureaucrat to similar treatment—well, he didn’t terrify anyone, and he … Continue reading

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Vast ‘smidgen’ of corruption: IRS targets media who broke story on Obama’s bio

President Barack Obama will forever be linked to his remarkable claim that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption at the Internal Revenue Service. Despite the president’s assertion, facts have emerged indicating there isn’t a “smidgen”—there’s a mountain. The latest outrage … Continue reading

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JFK executive order helped lead to weaponizing IRS, federal agencies

How did the federal bureaucracy become so powerful an agency can penalize tax you if you choose not to buy or can’t afford to buy a health insurance policy? It started with JFK, but to be honest, presidents from both … Continue reading

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Issa hints at ‘criminal obstruction’ in IRSgate

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent a heated letter to Attorney General Eric Holder at the Dept. of Justice regarding the investigation into IRSgate. Issa demanded new information from Holder and he took the FBI to task … Continue reading

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