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Can you trust Mrs. Clinton to safeguard your personal information?

Regardless of the outcome of the latest FBI announcement about emails related to the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s servers and “multiple devices”, voters should ask themselves a very important question. What does Mrs. Clinton’s record say about safeguarding your personal … Continue reading

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Court to Sen. Warren and President Obama: Your CFPB is unconstitutional

I tried and failed for years to get across just how nefarious an entity created by President Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren is. As of now, a federal court ruling supports my stance on this invasive agency, though not for … Continue reading

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Trump commits to law and order amid trickle down lawlessness from leaders

Special Feature at Day on the Day After a man armed with a gun carrying 23 rounds of ammunition was shot while fleeing police in Milwaukee, riots ensued. Racism was in full swing by people who participated. Businesses were damaged, … Continue reading

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Legalized thieves: In sixteen years, only 13 percent of DOJ forfeitures were criminal

The US government is expert at creating regulations and rules, but not so expert on envisioning the consequences. In a sixteen year period, from 1997-2013, the Institute for Justice said, “Only 13 percent of DOJ [Dept. of Justice] forfeitures were … Continue reading

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IRS and Civil Forfeiture Under the Bank Secrecy Act bring nasty surprises

by Wendy N. Powell The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the most powerful of government agencies, has been under recent scrutiny for extreme civil forfeiture of assets. With IRS’ power to confiscate and make financial demands, most Americans are increasingly fearful of … Continue reading

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With Obamacare Tax Bill confusion looming, beware of scams

By the time April, 2015 rolls around, Americans will have received a new dose of reality about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. It’s a tax bill, and your 2015 tax return will be a reminder … Continue reading

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FBI, IRS warn about tax scams, ID theft

At present the IRS is warning Americans about a tax scam that has targeted thousands of people amid other warnings from the FBI about ID theft. The latest scam is sophisticated.

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