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White House gives flimsy reason for editing transcript of Orlando shooter’s 911 calls

Ed. Note: The FBI is releasing the transcript today. If there’s anything substantive, Day on the Day will do an update. President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch hit the Sunday TV talkies, giving flimsy reasons for the White House’s … Continue reading

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Brussels attack reminds the ‘scorpion’ of ISIS bites more than USA

The 2016 presidential election gobbles up most media space these days, but the attack in Brussels early Tuesday reminds Americans the world remains at war with ISIS. Although the Combined Joint Task Force, an international coalition led by the USA, … Continue reading

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Refugee dilemma: Christians disadvantaged as Muslims dominate

Social media is aflame right now in the US regarding the refugee dilemma created by chaos in Syria. Compassion is, as I mentioned in a previous column, in conflict with security concerns. While many of us perceive the horrendous human … Continue reading

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As US strikes Syria, Iraq, Americans wait for other shoe to drop

The United States continues to strike targets in Syria and Iraq, and some Americans who study foreign policy have concerns about the impact on the homeland. The situation is like war-not-war, similar to events occurring towards the end of President … Continue reading

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Beheading of Foley reaffirms need for global First Amendment

Americans take freedom of the press for granted, but fact is the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment exerts more limits on government power over speech than any other rule or law in any country in the recorded history of the world. … Continue reading

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