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Of all the attacks on US soil, including Ft. Hood, San Bernardino, Orlando, and the Boston Marathon, perhaps none is so confusing as the Las Vegas massacre. Because little has been disclosed about the alleged gunman, conspiracy theories are blooming. … buy modafinil online canada

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Days after the 2016 presidential election and state races delivering a resounding defeat to Democrats across the nation, The New York Times ran a letter promising it would “rededicate” its coverage to be more honest after realizing shilling for Hillary … buy modafinil brisbane

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Local CBS affiliate channel 2 in Chicago reported a man who entered a water plant in Chicago was caught and he had a passport from Pakistan. Shahroon Augustine appears to have been released by a judge. 

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The Orlando Police Dept. released a transcript of conversations between Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and negotiators on Friday amid a barrage of politics news about the upcoming debate and other issues. The release of the transcript is an indictment of … buy modafinil in malaysia

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In an interview with Fox Business channel’s Stuart Varney, an expert cited a figure for the number of ISIS jihadists who have sought to attack the US over a two year period. Had the expert been anyone other than Dr. … buy modafinil nyc

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During an NBC News forum on Wednesday, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said the United States should’ve taken the oil in Iraq, thereby preventing ISIS from benefiting from oil profits. Pundits are nattering on both left and right, but conversations … get modafinil prescribed uk

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Republican nominee Donald Trump faces daily attacks from media, including outright falsehoods and stories based on anonymous sources. Meanwhile Dems’ nominee Hillary Clinton skates on allegations arising from files leaked and reported on by British media. Are attacks on Trump … buy modafinil turkey

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