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DNC in Philly: Did Democrats really not mention ISIS a single time on opening day?

A claim began to make its way around the blogosphere after Democrats’ convention got off to a rocky start in Philadelphia. Numerous conservatives and other opponents of the status quo claimed Democrats didn’t mention ISIS a single time during opening … Continue reading

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St. Lucie County sheriff pegged Orlando shooter; wife falls off media radar

Omar Mateen, the dead ISIS sympathizer who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June, has fallen off the news cycle. So has his wife. There’s news about Mateen, however, that went unnoticed as political parties approached the opening … Continue reading

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White House gives flimsy reason for editing transcript of Orlando shooter’s 911 calls

Ed. Note: The FBI is releasing the transcript today. If there’s anything substantive, Day on the Day will do an update. President Barack Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch hit the Sunday TV talkies, giving flimsy reasons for the White House’s … Continue reading

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Obama tries to divert attention from failures in attack on Trump

President Barack Obama’s greatest asset is his ability to wrap ideas in rhetoric and sell them to the American people. Accuracy in his statements does not matter to media. Success of his policies does not matter either. The president’s charisma … Continue reading

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Amid Egypt Air news, columnist assumes Trump “smiles” about vanished plane

As news continues to break about the disappearance of EgyptAir flight 804 heading from Paris to Cairo, pundits are debating whether terrorism was a factor. Hours after news broke reporting the plane had vanished, GOP presumed nominee Donald Trump tweeted … Continue reading

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Brussels attack reminds the ‘scorpion’ of ISIS bites more than USA

The 2016 presidential election gobbles up most media space these days, but the attack in Brussels early Tuesday reminds Americans the world remains at war with ISIS. Although the Combined Joint Task Force, an international coalition led by the USA, … Continue reading

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Latest shootings reveal vulnerability for military in homeland

The latest shootings at military facilities, today in Chattanooga (TN), reveal a vulnerability in the US homeland that should be corrected. According to various media reports, four US Marines and the shooter are dead. Reportage at this point is coming … Continue reading

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