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Ongoing saga: Trump v the world on the mystery of Khizr Khan and his speech

During the Democrats’ national convention, the father of fallen US Army captain Humayun Khan delivered an impassioned speech advocating for Hillary Clinton to become the second in her family to occupy the White House in a time period of less … Continue reading

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As Singapore targets blogger Amos Yee, implications for Koran, Bible overlooked

US citizens haven’t realized for quite some time the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution has been under relentless attack by the political class, and by leftists in general. That amendment powerfully limiting government control over our speech sets us … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton and others mum about real war on women

Democrats’ likely presidential nominee Hillary Clinton talks up women’s rights on the stump, but ignores a real war on women. Mrs. Clinton follows a bipartisan pattern in doing so because some Republicans ignore it as well. Americans are in fact … Continue reading

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Sorry, girls, but Hillary blew up the woman card with her hijab

Presumed presidential nominee for Democrats Hillary Clinton has exploited “the woman card”. Sorry, girls, but the former secretary of state blew up her woman card. In 2009 Hillary Clinton did what so many western female politicians do.

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CNN guest Jebreal errs on ‘white people’ and Islam in exchange with Sexton

Rula Jebreal and Buck Sexton had an exchange on Don Lemon’s show on CNN this week, and Jebreal made a politically charged statement about “white people” and Islam. Jebreal’s statement plays on the double standard many in media employ about … Continue reading

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Epic fail by media, Dems and GOP on migration and Trump

Donald Trump has done it again, taking control of the national conversation about the general topic of migration when it comes to Muslims in the US. Both Republicans and Democrats fired on Trump for his latest controversial statements, including his … Continue reading

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Lost in Benghazi: Media ignore critical issue

So much was lost in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 when the temporary US Special Mission Compound was attacked by terrorists. While Republicans and Democrats battle over then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s actions, both sides of the aisle are overlooking … Continue reading

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