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The administration of President Barack Obama, in a parting shot possibly directed at Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, abstained from voting on a controversial UN resolution involving “Palestinian territory occupied.” As political debate about the controversial resolution swirls, we should … buy modafinil online canada

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UN secretary general Ban Ki moon has the honor of dropping the ball that will be seen on TV by an estimated 198 million Americans as 2017 arrives January 1. Ban will push the Waterford crystal button in New York’s … buy modafinil brisbane

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I saw a snippet of a video shot by Ami Horowitz on the campus of Portland State University. I knew PSU’s students were on the fringe left. What I didn’t know was the depth of depravity these students could drop … buy modafinil ebay

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President Barack Obama drew criticism over his comments about Britain leaving the European Union—BREXIT—during his final visit to the country. One leader decried the US president’s “monstrous interference” in the matter. Obama wants Britain to remain in the EU. 

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Reportage on the latest fire set at Joseph’s tomb reflects anti-Israel bias common in leftist media. The site has been damaged before. 

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Commentary by Kay B. Day Twitter is aflame right now with comments about Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress.  There’s some irony in the timing of the speech, because it comes close to the date of … buy modafinil pharmacy

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by Kay B. Day President Barack Obama and a number of leading Democrats are critical of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plans to speak to the US Congress when he visits our country on March 3.  An Internet tabloid tweeted … buy modafinil switzerland

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